Big Rules Rule!

Amazing how Republicans clamor for fewer Federal oversight regulations – until it hits home and they don’t.

“Whittle down big government!” has been their jangling (alright rallying) cry for so long they should all be mute from hoarseness. Yet as soon as Texas or Florida get flattened by some powerhouse hurricane they immediately call for the country to declare them a disaster zone and send some help already! Well hello? That takes funds, planning, supplies, and infrastructure on a rather large scale, doncha know.

Panera Bread recently asked the USDA to weigh in on this weighty matter:What exactly is an egg? Yeah, I was sure I knew that since I was about two too. They want the competition to stop calling its egg/other things mashup “egg.” I see your concern, Panera. Do you think you could drum it into Repubs that we actually do need quite a lot of rules?

So Republicans, what’s the alternative? Keep shutting down the government, keep closing the National Parks? Hamstring the military by keeping them from being able to fund not just adequate but up-to-the-minute plans?

When do you look in the mirror and see the source of our problems?


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former assistant instructor in tai chi chu'an; current TreeKeeper (#467); former Master Gardener; member of American Bird Conservancy, Audubon, Fraternal Order of Police, and Mensa; recently retired career cop; wife and mom.
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