a Sassy observation

Last year Alabamians got tired of being one of the poorest states ever.

Bannon and McConnell blamed each other for Roy Moore’s loss, but as skilled as Repubs are at seeing everyone but themselves as the problem, and are we sure this wasn’t Obama’s fault also? It wasn’t even Doug Jones who beat him. 

I say it was science and reason.

Nobody in the South should be content anymore to be a second-class citizen in the world’s greatest country, to have to endure — among other indignities — the schools being saddled with the likes of Betsy deVos. Trump of course picked her, tried to handpick Roy Moore, and is busy behind the scenes rubberstamping (maybe “Sharpie-ing” is more apt since he apparently can’t see or read much and is too vain to wear specs) whatever federal judges are put in front of him.

If I lived near Roy Moore and saw him a-horse, riding to and from his polling place, I would be even more angry than I am watching from afar, because he certainly can rub it in, can’t he, that he’s got the money and leisure to own and saddle up his own mount, giddyup, and too bad for you, peasants! 

Well, it’s time for them to all ride out on that horse he rode in on! Sorry Sassy.


About majaramirez

former assistant instructor in tai chi chu'an; current TreeKeeper (#467); former Master Gardener; member of American Bird Conservancy, Audubon, Fraternal Order of Police, and Mensa; recently retired career cop; wife and mom.
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