Call the evil the name they abhor: daesh

When I saw footage of the miscreants destroying the statues of Mesopotamia and others which had stood for centuries (of Buddha and the winged bull among others), acts as despicable as lighting live humans afire and which the United Nations has called yet another war crime, I felt sick straight through my stomach to my soul.
Caliphs of old revered architecture and the arts. The evil styles itself as a caliphate, but practices the ethnic “cleansing” of wiping out the history so many of us have read of and carefully preserved for others, for years, so they can pretend there was nothing there and insert themselves where they are not wanted. That helps to explain why they attract few female converts, but have to resort to lying about their supposed virtues and stealing girls from their schools and families, the stolen innocents then succumbing to Stockholm Syndrome and sympathizing with their jailers and tormentors.
The males imagine their importance and that their so-called holy wars will result in a new kingdom, closely aligned with Mohammed’s times. But they will not limit themselves to only those weapons available at the time of the Prophet. No, the bastards should have whatever firepower they please and to hell with whatever Mohammed might’ve actually said about one’s neighbors or even who you don’t know. How did the Prophet feel about women – they should be allowed equal access to schooling?! That’s most inconvenient, so daesh makes up contrary shit as they go along.
One thing which makes a difference to them is that name for them, a kind of an acronym, which they revile because it is not the name they chose for themselves, and which in their usage becomes a mockery of the most revered and ancient Egyptian goddess. I refuse to use the name they want, and I urge the rest of civilization to also call them by that which they despise, the name John Kerry uses and dRumpf does not – daesh.
Names have meaning, daesh. The past too has value, and you have apparently sold off all those world treasures which could be carried. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and abhor you, daesh. What’s left of your withered heart perverts the Prophet’s teachings, you are destined not for glory or virgins, and I hope to hear daesh death rattles in my lifetime — soon!
Any of those things which we can do to show our hatred for daesh we should do without fail nor hesitation. Calling them daesh is the beginning, which rejects their every claim to legitimacy. Many Syrian activists want us to call them not the goddess name they appropriated, but daesh. Hello, SCROTUS – are you listening?

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former assistant instructor in tai chi chu'an; current TreeKeeper (#467); former Master Gardener; member of American Bird Conservancy, Audubon, Fraternal Order of Police, and Mensa; recently retired career cop; wife and mom.
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