Police, mental illness, Trump

(copied to Mr Ron Grossman, Chicago Tribune. 3/28/2017)

I for one think you’re spot on in raising the alarm on dRumpf’s behavior.

My mother was a psychoanalyst. Once I told her about something that happened over several days when I – then a rookie officer – worked the 14th District desk a few nights in a row.

First night a 10-1 came over the radio – the address just 1/2 block west of the station. A number of us boiled out of the building and down the block, running up the stairs to the beleagered tactical team serving search and arrest warrants. One of them waved at a teen girl and told me “Watch her, she’s snakey!” In the hallway she cried “Can I talk to you?!” I said yeah, but just take it easy… She exploded “Bitch, you can’t tell me what to do!”, clocked me, and seized me by the hair. We hauled her AND her father to the station, where she ripped the phone out of the wall, then him to jail and her to the juvie hall.

A day or so later we heard that she’d died in a fire. Another couple days, and her father appeared at the desk, asking for money to help bury her.

All incredulous, I later asked my mother why, with this man’s history of arrests and the trouble he and the girl were, why would he come to US? “Well, I guess you all are familiar to him.”

I think 45’s sticking to the old familiar, and damn anyone who calls for reason and compromise!

The bigger question hiding (lurking?) in your column is this:

What do his children know, and what are they doing about it? Is anyone telling THEM he is no longer normal? He seems only to listen to them and KAC and Bannon, and I’m sure they only listen to each other. I feel certain Melania knows the truth and is dreading autumn, when he surely expects her and the princeling to move into the White House with him, and I doubt there’s anything she can say that will change him now he’s tasted the near-ultimate powers that come with the job (and, unlike a real adult, cherry-picked the responsibilities, ignoring so many of them and the gravity Obama and many other Presidents displayed, strike that, embodied).

Just as with the courtesans in an old king’s court, I don’t think it suits them to have him see a doctor. They’d rather prop the corpse up and puppet him as long as they’re able.


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