De-extinction? More bad tech and misuse of science!

No-one knows all the minute interactions between the extinct creature and its environment.  It could be there were microfauna, gut or otherwise, that made the mammoth’s existence possible, which may also be gone.  As has happened so often in the past, no-one cares about the lowly life forms that made the big guys possible.
Chief Seathl continues to be ignored.  He who warned that another heaven and another Earth must pass before a species could come into being again — what did he, a “mere” Indian, know?  We’re embroiled in and stuck with yet another technology into which we have rushed half-cocked and which we will live to regret.  
Besides, Chinese ivory poachers will kill off mammoths as fast as scientists create them.  The world is not taking care of the elephants we have, so what gives us the right to use those remaining as mere mammoth incubators?  Rather than spending any more money on reviving what’s long gone, why are we not pressing to take care of what we have left?
Bringing an animal back from the brink of death?  So the revivalist scientists pooh-pooh that very miracle which veterinarians perform every day, in favor of something exciting!  It would be cool to see sabre-tooth tigers!  So bring the whole bunch back from the grave!  Damn the naysayers, not to mention the expense!  Excitement trumps all!

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former assistant instructor in tai chi chu'an; current TreeKeeper (#467); former Master Gardener; member of American Bird Conservancy, Audubon, Fraternal Order of Police, and Mensa; recently retired career cop; wife and mom.
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